A boat is just like a car and a house combined. The safety that these two require should also be offered to your boat. There are many ways people try out to keep their boats safe, only to end up losing their whole or parts of the vessel to theft. But working smart on keeping your boat secure and sacrificing some cash to get it a safe and secure parking can help minimize the risk.

The doors and hatches are an important part of your security measures. Fit them all with good quality locks, hasps and padlocks. Make sure the doors are made of sturdy stuff, solid wood or sheet steel is best and metal skins will add toughness to weaker timber doors. For high crime areas, installing steel door bars gives castle-style security and most thieves will turn and seek an easier steal when seeing a boat fitted with that level of protection!

Windows are often a security weak spot on narrow boats. Many boat owners fit lockable shutters to protect them from forced entry or vandalism. A bit of welding and fabrication is needed to fit the shutter mounts but it’s a job worth doing if your windows present a tempting target to the local yobs.

A boat can be alarmed and immobilized. Many electronic security systems exist at a wide range of prices. The simplest systems use movement sensors linked to loud alarms but pricier systems can send you a text message if they detect an attempted break in. If you have a shore-power hook-up, consider CCTV. There’s a wide range of web-enabled cameras available that can record any suspicious activity at your mooring. Footage can even be viewed remotely on an iPad, mobile phone or computer.

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As much as technologies are advancing in curbing car theft, the menace still looms large over many car owners. And many of them would do anything to make sure theirs is not in the next list of stolen vehicles, but the thieves are still on duty and it seems they won’t be declining anytime soon, which means if you have to keep your car safe, you must be ready to protect it at all costs.

Since it seems like everything from a loud Harley to a rumbling garbage truck can set off a car alarm, people have been conditioned to tune them out. Instead of a motion-sensitive car alarm, use one that has a pager that will notify you as soon as your alarm is activated.

Don’t tempt car thieves. Keep valuables out of plain sight. Take them with you or store them in the trunk. Also, if you have a stereo with a removable face plate, take it with you instead of tucking it away in the glove box.

Instead of going to a big retail chain store, have your car alarm installed by a professional car alarm installer, preferably a reasonably shady one. Unlike retail chain employees, these experts know what it takes to make your car elusive to crooks.

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Many have worked so hard to keep their cars elusive to pursuing thieves. But not going for the costly services is always the way out. You can go for some simple tactics that can help you outsmart the crooks easy and simple.

The old baby monitor trick

It may sound like a silly idea, but putting a wireless video baby monitor on your dash or in your garage might be one of the greatest ideas ever. These video monitors are inexpensive ( I got mine on Amazon for under $100), they come with night vision and audio, and the best part is they are completely portable unlike a security camera. Battery “charge-packs” are available for anyone wanting to put the monitor remotely within the car, and the sight of a baby monitor both is cause for alarm and confusion for most thieves. Just be sure to turn the volume up on the receiver end so you can hear the sound of a window getting smashed-in.

Das boot!

This may sound preposterous, but throwing a boot on your car is a great way to keep thieves from considering it, and it carries the added perk of warding off meter maids since the sight of a boot on a car typically means someone is far beyond ticketing. Just buy a boot like this one by Denver Wheel Boot Locks, toss it in the trunk of your car, and when parking in a shady neighborhood just slap it on the car, lock it up, and go about your business. Be careful when attaching it, though; these claws are notorious for marring alloy wheels.

Location, location, location

My final cheat for the day comes to you courtesy of the words: common sense. If parking in a well-lit parking space is safe, then parking in a locked garage is even safer. Want to make things really tough for thieves? Get a friend or family member to block you in, this way there is nowhere for the car to go even if it gets hotwired. When parking on a street, I suggest snuggling up close to a lamp post or a barrier with the wheels facing the curb, thus making it quite difficult for a thief to push the car once they realize it won’t start.

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